About us

Syntacore is a semiconductor IP company specializing in customizable microprocessor cores and tools based on the RISC-V instruction set.

Key competencies:

  • High-performance and low-power embedded cores and IP
  • Architectural exploration & workload characterization
  • ASIP technologies and reconfigurable architectures
  • Compiler technologies

Why Syntacore:

  • The only CPU IP vendor, focusing solely on the RISC-V ISA
  • Founding member of the RISC-V foundation since 2015, we specialize in the RISC-V processor IP
  • One of the first companies to sample commercial RISC-V SCR3-based SoC (taped-out early 2016)
  • One of the first companies to demonstrate multicore SCR5-based RISC-V system running SMP Linux (demonstrated November 2016)
  • All our IP is fully compatible with the latest versions of the RISC-V specs
  • We provide one-stop customization services