Syntacore Development Toolkit release — 2024.02

We are pleased to announce an update of the Syntacore Development Toolkit, a complete RISC-V development toolkit with pre-configured toolchains, IDEs, debuggers, and simulators.

Below are the most important updates in this release:

  • Changed a base host operating system from Ubuntu 18 to Ubuntu 20
  • Renamed BSP to SCR-HAL
  • Improved several LLVM optimizations
  • Updated the Visual Studio Code IDE plugin
  • Improvements and bug fixes in all components

For the full list of features in SC-DT 2024.02, please see the Release Notes pdf (SHA-1: 5ae3a8b8935387ce368aaa229affa16c94c842a1)

For SC-DT 2024.02 package downloads and documentation, please visit the Development Tools page