Essential System Software

Syntacore provides pre-configured and tested RISC-V-compatible software including bootloaders, operating systems, simulators, runtimes, end-user applications, and system utilities.

System software — bootloaders, operating systems, and simulators — come with high-quality technical support and regular updates.


Operating systems

Functional Simulators

  • Integrated QEMU environment
Essential System Software

The constantly growing RISC-V software ecosystem is one of the main components of the RISC-V technology success thanks to the cooperation of the huge international community of companies within RISC-V International. Currently, a large number of open-source and commercial software has already been ported to RISC-V — most of the popular Linux distributions, Android Open Source, RTOSes, runtimes, toolchains, system, and application software. Android officially supports the RISC-V architecture within the RISE project that was created to accelerate the development of open-source software for the RISC-V architecture.

Syntacore is an active member of RISC-V International and takes an active role in the development of the software ecosystem. As part of project-based and research tasks, our team tests and ports a variety of software to our products. For example, for application-class cores, Syntacore works on porting and improving performance of OpenJDK, Chromium, and v8. In addition, we conduct regular compatibility checks for server stacks like LAPP (Linux + Apache webserver + PHP + PostgreSQL database). Please get in touch with our specialists for further information and technical consultations —


  • OpenJDK
  • ART

System utilities

End-user applications

  • Jenkins
  • Chromium
  • Intellij IDEA IDE
  • Web server software (LAPP)
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