Professional SW Development Suite

Complete development toolkit with regular updates and support

Syntacore Development Toolkit (SC-DT) for RISC-V is designed to create applications for SCR cores. SC-DT includes the latest releases and a full set of pre-built, pre-configured and optimized tools available out-of-the-box. Our team constantly improves the SC-DT by maintaining the current versions of tools included, adding new functionality, and releasing regular updates.

  • Pre-built industry-quality GCC/LLVM-based toolchains
  • Integrated Visual Studio Code IDE
  • OpenOCD and GDB with Python scripts
  • QEMU simulation environment
  • Fully-integrated Eclipse IDE with GCC
  • Ready-to-use BSP (HAL), examples and benchmarks


Previous SC-DT releases


A comprehensive documentation set specifically developed for the SC-DT package:


The toolkit is a convenient development environment based on GCC and clang/LLVM toolchains. The GCC toolchain includes a pre-built compiler, OpenOCD, GDB and gdbserver with python scripts as well as an assembler, linker, binutils, and standard C and C++ libraries for Linux and bare-metal targets, including Newlib, newlib_nano, and glibc. The clang/LLVM-based toolchain provides advanced microarchitecture-aware optimizations out-of-the-box. SC-DT also includes a QEMU simulation environment fully compatible with FPGA SDKs, a BSP package with single and multicore support, and a set of applications examples and benchmarks.

Third-Party Software

The SCR cores are supported by the leading third-party software vendors.