Working at Syntacore

We are an international company and co-founder of the RISC-V International organization. We develop microprocessor technologies and tools based on the RISC-V architecture with R&D and sales representatives in all parts of the world. Our team consists of more than 200 highly skilled professionals with a proven track record in processors design who have worked for major technology companies.

We are seeking for experts who want to join a team of professionals, participate in the development of RISC-V products, and contribute to the evolution of the RISC-V standard. At Syntacore, we believe that flexible and comfortable working conditions are key to your growth and success, that is why we provide opportunity for employees to work remotely from any part of the world. Join us today to create the future of computing together.

Working at Syntacore

Open Positions:

To apply for a job or ask questions, mail to:


Syntacore offers internships to senior undergraduate and post graduate students of top-tier technical schools. We welcome candidates with computer science, mathematics, physics and/or programming background to apply, but would consider other majors, interested in CS/EE track. All the prospective applicants are kindly requested to complete a trial task that is sent via e-mail.

We welcome intern applications in the following areas of expertise:

  • RTL Design
  • RTL Verification
  • System Verification

Please contact us at if you are interested to apply or have any further questions.