SCR3 Microcontroller Core

SCR3 is an efficient, silicon-proven, microcontroller-class, 32/64-bit RISC-V processor core. It is optimized for power-sensitive, small-area, embedded applications, that demand high performance.

SCR3 supports RISC-V standard "I" Integer, "M" Integer Multiplication and Division, "A" Atomic, and "C" 16-bit Compressed extensions. SCR3 is equipped with an in-order 5-stage pipeline, a branch prediction unit for efficient code execution, PLIC or IPIC units for efficient interrupt processing, and industry-standard AHB, AXI4, JTAG, and cJTAG interfaces for flexibility and compatibility.

The SCR3 memory subsystem includes a TCM unit, L1 and L2 caches, and an MPU unit with user and machine privilege modes that allow executing a variety of real-time operating systems. The processor core can operate in heterogenous clusters with up to 4 cores, offering hardware-level support for memory coherency and external accelerators integration.

SCR3 Microcontroller Core


  • Industrial automation
  • Internet of things
  • Storage devices
  • Smart meters
  • Automotive
  • Smart home

SCR3 Key Features

ISA RV32/RV64(IM[A]C), Atomic Instructions [A] — optional
Pipeline 3-5 stages
Multicore Support (SMP) Up to 4 cores with cache coherency
Branch Prediction Unit (BPU) Static/Dynamic
Memory Subsystem
Tightly-Coupled Memory (TCM) Up to 256KB, error protection — ECC
L1 Cache Up to 32KB + 32KB, error protection — parity/ECC
L2 Cache From 128KB to 512KB, error protection — ECC
Memory Protection Unit (MPU) Configurable, up to 32-region MPU
Interrupt Subsystem
IPIC Up to 32 interrupt lines
PLIC Up to 1023 interrupt lines, up to 256 priority levels
Debug Subsystem
Interface JTAG/cJTAG-compliant interface
Breakpoints Up to 4 hardware breakpoints, unlimited software breakpoints support
AXI Master AXI4 AMBA standard interface
AHB Master AHB AMBA standard interface
Timers and Counters
Performance Monitoring Up to 32 performance counters
Embedded 64-bit RTC Timer Machine-mode timer interrupt support

Development Tools

Syntacore Development Toolkit (SCR3 Optimized)

The SC-DT package is a ready-to-use software development kit containing pre-built and pre-configured tools that simplify software development for the SCR3 core. With SC-DT, you can take advantage of the pre-built tools and configurations to reduce the time and effort required to get up and running with SCR3. SC-DT supports Windows and Linux operating systems and includes:

  • Eclipse IDE and Visual Studio Code plugin
  • Compilers (GCC, LLVM) with optimized libraries
  • Debuggers (GDB, OCD)
  • Simulator (QEMU)
  • FreeRTOS
  • BSP and HAL
  • Application examples
  • Benchmarks
  • Documentation

Syntacore also supports and maintains the Zephyr operating system that is not part of the SC-DT package and is downloadable separately.