Syntacore offers a state-of-the-art RISC-V processor IP portfolio, from 32-bit compact MCU cores suitable for deeply embedded applications to high-performance 64-bit 2GHz+ multicore clusters with memory coherency, SMP, and Linux support. All our IPs are configurable, written in System Verilog, and are supplied with a complete software development toolkit, an FPGA-based SDK, and comprehensive documentation.

SCR RISC-V portfolio

Application-class Cores

Configurable, silicon-proven high-performance Linux-based IPs for applications that demand powerful data processing capabilities. Applicable markets: artificial intelligence, HPC, data centers, AI and ML, and mobile devices.

Microcontroller-class Cores

Configurable, silicon-proven, area-optimized and energy-efficient RTOS-based cores for deeply embedded applications. Relevant markets: industrial, automotive, internet of things (IoT), sensor fusion, sensors, sensor hubs, control systems, storage, and network devices.