The SCR Family of Customizable Processor IP

State-of-the-art, synthesizable microprocessor core IP with RISC-V ISA: from the minimalistic MCU core for the deeply-embedded applications to the 1GHz+ Linux-capable application core with SMP support.

Stable, competitive, available for evaluation

The SCR family includes four off-the-shelf cores, targeted primarily at embedded applications: SCR1, SCR3, SCR4 and SCR5 with new additions scheduled for 2017.

  • SCR1 Minimalistic 32-bit MCU core for deeply embedded applications and accelerator control. It can be configured for a very small area - under 15kGates in a fully-fuctional configuration, and is open-sourced under the permissive SHL license, which allows commercial use
  • SCR3 High-performance 32-bit MCU core with RV32IMC ISA, privilege modes and MPU
  • SCR4 MCU core with RV32IMFDC ISA and high-performance FPU (1+ WMips/MHz)
  • SCR5 Efficient mid-range core with virtual memory, full Linux and SMP configurations support, including memory coherency

The SCR cores have competitive features and deliver impressive performance at low power already in the baseline configurations. On the top, Syntacore provides a one-stop workload-specific processor customization service to enable customer designs differentiation via significant performance and efficiency boost. Industry-standard interfacing options support (AHB, AXI4, OCP) enables seamless integration with existing designs.

Easy evaluation and simplified licensing

Our simplified licensing terms are helping to create silicon products faster and at lower costs. Zero-overhead evaluation with technical support is available. Contact us at for further details.