Robust SW development tools

For all processor IP, Syntacore provides fully-featured, powered by the open-source SW development tools with technical support:

  • Stable GCC-based C/C++ compiler toolchain
  • Assembler, linker, binutils
  • Standard C/C++ libraries for Linux and Bare Metal environments
    • glibc and newlib
  • GDB debugger
  • Low-cost openOCD-based JTAG connectivity support
  • Eclipse-based IDE
  • FPGA-based SDKs

The RISC-V SW ecosystem is diverse and rapidly growing, with stable Linux, FreeBSD, QEMU, GCC, binutils, number of RTOS/kernel ports and other SW packages available.

Pre-built tools for the SCR1 core and SDK can be downloaded at the following links:

The above builds are multilib, also suitable for other SCRx cores in baremetal enviroment.